What is an Infographic? Examples, Templates, Design Tips

What is an Infographic? Examples, Templates, Design Tips

best infographic examples

That’s what InformationIsBeautiful.net got from this data visualization showing how many lines of code many different things have — including a mouse. This infographic isn’t easy to understand on the surface, but once you acclimate, it’s a powerful and useful representation of the seasonality of produce. Sometimes, effective visualizations are such because they can compact more complicated information in a smaller space — while still retaining comprehension. Who knew drawing could be so effective in telling a really important story?

Appealing to the vanity of the reader, we all — or almost all of us — wanted to know just how common our birthday was. While not the prettiest graphic ever, it was easy to interpret, and using such interesting data, that was all it took to create a widely spread piece. Mixed shots are a popular pastime for many people, and they are represented well in this infographic. Using gradients to represent each, the designer found a way to create an elegant landscape to represent the alcoholic concoctions.

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The same principle should apply to the images, font, and color palette you use in the infographic. This will prevent any sense of color and also make the infographic example look much more professional. An infographic draws together spate data elements to tell a single story with a clear point.

best infographic examples

There’s a lot of interactive infographics that look great but lack in actual interesting and engaging content. This one is both great looking and has a fascinating subject matter. The radial design of this infographic makes navigating its information simple. The use of colors of the rainbow harkens to the graphic’s subject matter. Visually examining just how unprotected certain people are in the United States can create empathy in the reader. Another examination of the habits of famous figures in history, this graphic places its key right at the top for the reader to examine. Following that, the information is set out in a readable bar graph design with personal portraits done by an artist to entice the reader’s eye to each figure.

Data Visualization Infographic Examples

The gradation from light green to dark green is a great way of displaying the income brackets. The arrangement of statistics in half-circle form also stands out. The good news is that there are some content presentation styles you can use to hold the attention of your audience. Turn complex data into a clear, catchy visual with Piktochart’s free infographic maker. Think of interactive infographics as an infographic with animated or moving features.

best infographic examples

With a background in journalism for the Guardian, he understands how to take data and communicate a story in a way that a journalist wants to share. Instead of comparing two different products, this infographic compares 12. It uses individual bar charts for each type of electric car, but with its synonymous colors and order, it’s still easy to understand.

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Dive into color symbolism and explore the significance of colors in cultures around the world. You don’t need design experience to make your photos look frightening or mysterious. Here’s how to make an infographic for students with Create. Design by Green Jeong.If there’s one thing college students love, it’s finding an easier way to do a tedious task. Sure, they may not love doing all the heavy lifting that comes with adulting. What’s just as impressive is the one-track-mindedness of this infographic for students.

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Making an Infographic on Canva.

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In this case, we get 65 cheeses within one glamorous cheese wheel. A compendium of a different flavor, what makes this best infographic examples piece especially effective is how it communicates its subject in the context of the subject — a comic book aesthetic.

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The design highlights statistics and other facts with colorful charts and images. Humans have used a variety https://adprun.net/ of currencies throughout history, from the early days of bartering to the modern bitcoin revolution.

A fussy type of infographic can sacrifice readability for the sake of design. When creating a simple infographic yourself, the first thing to know is that your information should be interesting to look at but still functional. You have only one chance for a first impression, this is why when you apply for a job, you need to impress your potential employer with a memorable CV. That’s why an infographic resume done right gets noticed, it’s easier to scan through and helps the candidate to get hired amongst piles of traditional text-based resumes. Also, it is ideal for industries that hire graphicness, illustrators, marketers, and developers. This infographic is a great example of making your imagery the focus, as it demonstrates how to create 30 different shots with a few simple ingredients. The color gradients in the drinks also make them more enticing for the viewer to try out.

Reading thick blocks of text can be pedantic if the information is formal and dense. However, splitting this information up and adding graphics can make it a fun and informative experience for viewers. That’s why so many writers use images to supplement their article text with a visual element. Let’s be real; reading a wall of text about complex ideas and processes can often be excruciatingly dull. A source of high-quality vector graphics offering a huge variety of premade character designs, graphic design bundles, Adobe Character Animator puppets, and more.

  • The rise of the internet has made infographic examples incredibly common and has made good infographics invaluable for web design.
  • Healthcare industry, Kaiser Permanente was looking for a way to celebrate the new leadership team in their Greater Southern Alameda County region.
  • A large amount of statistical data is displayed using all the tricks in the infographic book, bar graphs, pie charts, and bold percentage figures.
  • Beyond essential elements like brand colors, Bannersnack includes information people can immediately put to use.
  • The infographic outlines multiple benefits to using AR, tips for creating an AR app and how to use AR in a variety of industries.
  • The brain here is a beautiful example of how a graphic can become an infographic.

These posters express the beauty of the astronomical subjects that these telescopes explore while at the same time communicating fundamental information. Moreover, we also developed motion graphics, landing pages, infographics, interactive widgets, and more. The partnership has elevated content across the NEA’s digital and print communications. Send your draft to some people you trust, like a seasoned designer or copywriter, and get their opinion on the design. Make sure they’re able to fully understand everything in the piece and that they enjoy looking at it. With a pre-made infographic template, you can create an infographic in minutes; simply plug in the information and customize. This infographic is proof that you don’t need fancy software or top-notch design skills to create an impactful infographic design.